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Madrid becomes, once again, the World Jurist capital

The World Jurist Association (WJA) and the World Law Foundation (WLF) will once again position Madrid as the capital of law with the celebration, during July 5 and 6, of an international meeting of jurists that will be attended by the world elite of law.

These two days are included in the Madrid-Bogotá opening session as a prelude to the celebration of the World Law Congress Colombia 2021 and as a continuation of the previous sessions that have been held since last July and that will continue to be held until the celebration of the World Congress of Law in Colombia on December 2 and 3, 2021.

The acts of the first day will count with the presence of King Felipe VI of Spain and Iván Duque, President of Colombia. During this day, the international tribute to the recently deceased Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, for her commendable defense of gender equality and civil rights throughout her life are recognized.

For the World Jurist Association, Ginsburg has been a visionary and strategic leader in ensuring that equality, fairness and the rule of law are not left in the theoretical realm, but rather positively impact social institutions and the lives of people. The Judge was the first woman to receive the World Peace & Liberty Award, an award given by the WJA,  considered to be the Nobel Prize for Law. This recognition was previously received by King Felipe VI during the World Law Congress 2019, and was also awarded to Winston Churchill, René Cassin and Nelson Mandela.

As part of the tribute to the Justice, the tribute “Mother, jurist and myth: I knew Ruth Bader Ginsburg”, the round table “Equality and the Rule of Law: contributions from international tribunals”, a panel that will bring together representatives of the most important supranational courts in the world for the first time in history. Similarly, in association with Jane Ginsburg, Professor at Columbia and daughter of the honoree, the Ruth Bader Ginsburg Medals of Honor will be awarded to eight renowned women jurists who have promoted gender equality during their careers, this year’s winners being: Christine Lagarde, Gillian Triggs, Luz Ibáñez, Maite Oronoz, Navi Pillay, Rosario Silva Lapuerta, Sujata Manohar and Young Hye Kim.

During the second day, the International Summit on the Rule of Law will be held, which will house presidents of supreme and constitutional courts of different countries, and prominent international jurists, who will discuss current issues on various discussion panels: “COVID regulations and their effect on citizens”, “5G: privacy and cybersecurity”, “Rule of Law in the XXI century”, “Independence of the judiciary in Europe and the Americas”, “Rule of Law in Mexico  and “Fake News and the Seizure of Newspapers: El Nacional Case”.

In this framework, the World Law Congress 2021 will be officially presented, which will pave the way to Colombia as the world capital of law. In the words of Javier Cremades, president of the WJA and the WLF, “our objective is to promote awareness of the importance of the rule of law in society and that is why we will continue to hold these events, in order to transmit our premise”.

Photos from Opening Session Madrid – World Law Congress Colombia 2021

(July 5-6, 2021)

Opening Session Madrid, 5th of July

Opening Session Madrid, 6th of July


Program: Opening Session Madrid
July 5-6, 2021
Casa América – Plaza Cibeles


Thu, Dec 2 2021, 8:00 – Fri, Dec 3 2021, 12:30 Colombian Standard Time

Puerta de Oro Caribbean Convention Center, Track 40 # 79B – 06, Barranquilla, Atlantic, Colombia

About this event


This congregation of the most prominent jurists in the world during the World Law Congress Colombia 2021 aims to be a recognition from the international legal community of Colombia’s unwavering commitment to the defense, strengthening and promotion of the rule of law.

Likewise, on the occasion of this international congress, we will make a special recognition of an outstanding personality or group committed to Peace through Law. In past opportunities, the WJA has awarded personalities such as Sir Winston Churchill, René Cassin, Nelson Mandela, the King of Spain Felipe VI, and Justice Ruth B. Ginsburg, a distinguished member of the Supreme Court of the United States. All of them have demonstrated their indisputable commitment to the Rule of Law and the defense of Democracy and Freedom.

On the other hand, the program will focus on promoting the Rule of Law as an Instrument for the Development of Nations, offering a comprehensive vision of the major issues that concern humanity and on which the world of Law and Justice must respond. These are themes that converge with the objectives of the United Nations 2030 Agenda and prosperity through sustainable development. The program will integrate the vision of noteworthy Colombian and international jurists, companies and institutions that support the progress of humanity, coexistence in democracy and freedom.

For Colombia, the Congress will be a source of great pride and significance, as well as a unique opportunity to support the stability of its democracy and promote Peace through Law.

Telework at the WLC Opening Session London

Inaugurated by the WJA President for UK, Christina Blacklaws, and Diego Solana, Coordinator of the World Law Congress Colombia 2021, the fifth Opening Session, celebrated from London on December 14, brought together Íñigo Sagardoy, Michael Burd, Renate Hornung-Draus, Daniel Funes de Rioja and Mbhazima Shilowa to discuss about teleworking.

Under the name “New ways of working and the future of work“, this new panel of dicussion focused on how current work trends should be regulated, the key factors for their transformation and the role each stakeholder should play in this field.

“In terms of work, this pandemic has changed everything, everywhere,” said Christina Blacklaws, President of WJA UK, immediate past President of the Law Society of England & Wales and President of Lawtech UK, who recognized that “we are now at the best possible moment to develop technological innovations that will change the way we deliver our services”. Blacklaws also shared data from a British study that “shows that the Covid-19 has accelerated the digital transformation by 5.3 years,” so that “we all know more about technology now than we did eight months ago”.

We are at the best time to learn technological innovations that will change the way we work

The debate began with the moderation of Iñigo Sagardoy, co-organizer of the event, president of Sagardoy Abogados and professor of labor law at the Universidad Francisco de Vitoria, who introduced the speakers after analyzing that “coronavirus has accelerated the transformation of organizations and we are at a turning point from which there will be significant regulatory changes in the ways in which companies are organized.

This scenario is confirmed by Renate Hornung-Draus, regional vice-president of the International Organization of Employers for Europe and Central Asia, who assured that “although the measures taken in most western countries to contain the pandemic have accelerated the digital transformation, they have also shown some deficits in the digital infrastructure, as well as its limits”. She advocates for a hybrid model of work with physical presence in the offices, in order to create corporate culture, but always respecting individual freedom. In this matter, she pointed out the difference between teleworking and mobile working, assuring that Germany has legislation on the former: “teleworking refers to a person working from home, it is at a distance, but in a fixed workplace; and it implies that there has to be an agreement between employee and employer by which the rules are respected”.

Michael Burd, head of the employment division at Lewis Silkim (London) and an expert in telework regulation, examined how labor regulation has evolved over the years: “what we see is that legislation and regulation are lagging behind the reality of work”, and acknowledged that “the feeling I have is that it has only increased with the evolution of technology, which is increasingly rapid, and has become more intense with the changes in work practices that have forced us all to change our way of working”. For this reason, and in the event that a worker remotely provides services from another country different from that of the company, he called for “legislation that contemplates key points, such as where to pay taxes, health insurance conditions, social security…” and concluded by recognizing “that local labor legislation in some cases complicates solving the global nature of this type of work”.

With regard to the regulation and negotiation of conditions, Daniel Funes de Rioja, vice president of the International Labor Organization and president of the Argentine Business Confederation, said that “unions must adapt to new realities and contemplate the changes from the perspective of the fourth industrial revolution, otherwise, if they continue thinking in terms of the second or third, technology will evolve without them and a gap will emerge”.

On this matter, Mbhazima Shilowa, former Secretary General of the Congress of South African Trade Unions and former Prime Minister of the South African province of Gauteng, set the current situation as a starting point “to find in the upcoming years better ways to combine different aspects such as, for example, the penetration of the Internet in all places”.

Social distance and flexibility are required, but this will not be possible without quickly resolving the social difference“.

Among the changes brought about by Covid-19, there is a debate about the vaccine and how it can affect workers’ relationship with their company. Michael Burd highlighted whether employers can demand their employees to be vaccinated or terminate them for not doing so.

Medical data is considered sensitive information and this will lead to searching for a balance between privacy and security for everyone… This is about protecting health at a collective level“.

The Opening Session London was the fifth preliminary session to the World Law Congress Colombia 2021, coinciding with the 30th anniversary of the Colombian constitution. Through the projection of an institutional video, the president of the host country, Ivan Duque, has committed to “continue promoting the strengthening of the rule of law as fertile ground to allow growth and welfare, development and freedom of citizens”.



Save the date_Barcelona

World Law Congress. Online Opening Session. Barcelona 07 JUL 2020

The World Law Congress 2021 begins this coming July 7, with an innovative On-going format that will hold fifteen monthly Online Opening Sessions from different countries around the world, finalizing in Cartagena de Indias on November 17 and 18, 2021.

The Barcelona Bar Association, led by Dean Ma. Eugenia Gay, President of WJA Spain, will be hosting the Opening Session Barcelona, a hybrid event that will feature both face-to-face and online attendees, and panelists of the highest level. First, there will be a short institutional opening event, and then the development of the panel “Will the Rule of Law Survive in Europe?”, contextualized on the deterioration of the European unity, not only owing the Brexit, but also because of the reaction to Covid-19 related matters and the disputes between the constitutional courts.

Se requiere registro por adelantado

Se puede seguir la sesión con el audio original a través del canal de Youtube del Colegio de Abogados de Barcelona, a través de este link:

07 JUL 2020

10:00 Bogotá
11:00 Nueva York
17:00 Madrid
23:00 Hong Kong

Colombian President, Iván Duque, receives representatives of the World Jurist Association and the World Law Foundation

Representatives of the World Jurist Association and the World Law Foundation presented the World Law Congress before the President of Colombia, Iván Duque.  The upcoming Congress will be celebrated in Bogota and Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, on February 8-10, 2021.

The reception took place at the `Palacio de Nariño´ and was also attended by the Minister of Justice and Law of Colombia, Margarita Cabello Blanco, the Inspector General of Colombia, Fernando Carrillo Flórez, Juan Luis Cebrián, Founding Trustee of the World Law Foundation and President of Honor of El País of Spain, Martín Acero,  Managing Partner of PPU,  university authorities and other notable personalities.

In relation to the next edition of the World Law Congress that will place Colombia, President Iván Duque, pointed out that its celebration is a great recognition to the effort of all Colombians  defending the Rule of Law as a guarantor of freedom, order, peace and concord among themselves. Furthermore, Javier Cremades, president of the World Jurist Association and the World Law Foundation, described this congress as a “declaration of the international legal community to the commitment that the Colombian society has with the defense and strengthening of the Rule of Law and its institutions, in opposition to violence, as well as its effort to create a society of opportunities, freer and more just for all”.

During the World Law Congress 2021, the World Peace & Liberty Award will be presented to a distinguished personality. This award has been previously received by international jurists committed with the defense of the Rule of Law, such as Sir Winston Churchill, Nelson Mandela, René Cassin, King Philip VI of Spain,  and, recently, the Hon. Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States.

President Duque seeing a replica of the World Peace & Liberty Award presented to Hon. Ruth Bader Ginsburg on February 07, 2020 in Washington DC
Representatives of the World Jurist Association & World Law Foundation with President Ivan Duque
Meeting at Palacio de Nariño
Meeting at Palacio de Nariño
WJA & WLF President, Javier Cremades, & President of Colombia, Iván Duque
Juan Luis Cebrián, Founding Trustee of the World Law Foundation, greeting President of Colombia, Iván Duque
Diego Solana, WJA member and Program Coordinator of the World Law Congress Colombia 2021, greeting President of Colombia, Iván Duque
Gabriel Fernández Rojas, WJA member and General Coordinator of the World Law Congress Colombia 2021, greeting President of Colombia, Iván Duque

Diego Solana & Iván Duque
Javier Cremades, Juan Luis Cebrián & Iván Duque

The World Jurist Association Awarded Press Freedom & Democracy

In Colombia, the World Jurist Association recognized media and journalists in a ceremony held on February 11, 2020 at the headquarters of the National Media Association “Asomedios” in Bogota. As the WJA, this association defends freedom of expression and promotes the development of the media sector in Colombia.

A total of four distinctions were awarded to “honor a well-done work in the defense of press freedom and democracy through truthful and proven information”, as Javier Cremades, president of the World Jurist Association, remarked. Laudations were in charge of relevant personalities, such as Juan Luis Cebrián, Founding Trustee of the World Law Foundation and Founder and Honorary President of El País (Spanish newspaper) and Fernando Carrillo Florez, Inspector General of Colombia, among others.

Roberto Pombo, director of the daily El Tiempo (Colombia), was awarded the Medal of Press Freedom, for his magnificent work in assuring fair information from different perspectives.

Three distinctions in the category of Defence of Democracy were awarded to newspapers in different countries: El Espectador (Colombia) received by Ana María Busquets, widow of Guillermo Cano; El Nacional (Venezuela) received by its Director Miguel Henrique Otero; and Cambio16 (Spain), received by its Editor Jorge Neri, also on behalf of its President Gorka Landaburu. All of them, first hand victims of terrorism, drug cartels and dictatorship.

This ceremony was celebrated in concordance with the values of the World Jurist Association, recognizing of the inherent dignity, equal rights and inalienability of humanity, as established in the preamble to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

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Family picture of the awarding ceremony at Asomedios
Fernando Carrillo Florez, Inspector General of Colombia
Jorge Neri, Roberto Pombo, Juan Luis Cebrián, Ana María Busquets de Cano, Miguel Henrique Otero & Fernando Carrillo Florez
Jorge Neri, Editor of Cambio 16, being impossed with the Defense of Democracy Medal by the Inspector General of Colombia, Fernando Carrillo Florez