2023, New York, USA

Opening Session New York. WORLD LAW CONGRESS 2023. Opening Session Madrid. WORLD LAW CONGRESS 2023.

2021, Madrid, España

Opening Session of the WORLD LAW CONGRESS COLOMBIA, 2021, International Tribute to Ruth Bader Ginsburg

2018 Munich, Germany

IP Protection & Trademark Rights; The WJA Munich Conference IP Protection & Trademark Rights was held on May 3 – 4 in Munich, Germany. The successful conference featured an array of high level interesting presentations centered on IP in the 4th Industrial Revolution and side events, including a moving Commemorative Ceremony held at the Munich Olympic Village in remembrance of the 11 Israeli Athletes and the German Police Officer murdered in 1972 during the Summer Olympic Games;

2016 Barcelona, Spain

The Internet: Challenges to Peace and Freedom; The WJA Barcelona Conference on The Internet: Challenges to Peace and Freedom was an extraordinary opportunity for the Young World Jurist Association to expand, as many law students from different Universities and young lawyers came to the conferences and social events organized by our Association;

2015 Warsaw, Poland

Privatization, Banking and Cross-Border Insolvency; The Warsaw 2015 Conference on Privatization, Banking, and Cross-Border Insolvency was held in collaboration with Warsaw Management University, College of Management and Technical Sciences from March 24-27, 2015, and was attended by delegates from four continents;

2014 Shanghai, China

International Perspectives on Intellectual Property Protection; The China 2014 IP Law Conference on International Perspectives on Intellectual Property Protection was held in collaboration with the Supreme Peoples Court of China in Shanghai from November 2-4, 2014. Over 100 legal professionals from around the world participated in this event on current ways to protect intellectual property

2013 Jerusalem & Tel-Aviv, Israel

Global Economy and the Rule of Law in a Changing World; The Israel 2013 Conference was held in collaboration with the Israel Bar Association from June 23-26, 2013. Chief Justices, Judges, Attorneys, Law Professors, Government Officials and other legal professionals from around the world convened in Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv and held discussions on issues pertaining to the global economy and the rule of law; Full conference report will be available shortly.

2012 Washington, DC USA

Law and Technology: Innovation in the Digital Age; The Washington DC 2012 Conference was held as an interactive discussion where speakers and delegates explored the legal implications of emerging technologies, leading developments in law and technology, as well as the various laws in place in different countries that deal with emerging technologies. Panelists engaged the attendees in an exciting discussion on a number of cutting edge issues surrounding law and technology. Discussions included Mobile banking particularly for women in rural areas, privacy and data protection, data privacy and risk management including the Key U.S. regulations, fundamentals of data encryption, consumer data responsibility and surveillance technologies, cyber crime and cyber security including the data echo system, emerging technologies and ADR in practice, court room technology, technology and the business environment, innovations in law and technology, legal education: technology in the classroom which included a discussion on the online education, foreign trained lawyers, and the revised ABA Rules, and freedom of speech in the new technology era;

2011 Grand Baie, Mauritius

International Arbitration and ADR-The Impact on the Rule of Law; This Conference addressed current issues in international arbitration and ADR and brought together nearly 200 distinguished delegates and speakers from 20 countries, representing every region of the world. Our Host Committee was chaired by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Mauritius Mr. Y.K.J. Yeung Sik Yuen, G.O.S.K. The WJA was also honored to be granted a special audience with the President of Mauritius, His Excellency, The Right Honorable Sir Anerood Jugnauth, G.C.S.K., K.C.M.G., QC., and the Prime Minister of Mauritius, Dr. The Honorable Navinchandra Ramgoolam, G.C.S.K, F.R.C.P. ;

2009 Vienna, Austria

The Role of the Legal Profession in Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation: After the Fall of the Iron Curtain; The conference addressed current issues in conflict resolution highlighting risks taken in order to achieve freedom and liberty. The WJA proudly unveiled the Rule of Law Monument, which stands on the Austro-Hungarian Border in St. Margarethen, Austria. This Monument, first erected in October 1999 in the shadows of the watch tower, where once a soldier stood guard with orders to shoot all those attempting the cross the border, today stands as a proud tribute to the Rule of Law. On the face of the Monument, built entirely of stone from the local quarry, reads the inscription “Pro Justitia Pace Libertate Mortuis,” meaning “For those who died for Justice, Peace, and Liberty.” This powerful invocation honors those who fought for the establishment of Rule of Law and is a reminder of the delicate balance in which world peace is achieved.

2008 Jerusalem, Israel

The Pursuit of Peace and the Rule of Law at Times of Violence.
The third in a series of conferences on the demands on the legal profession to respond to protect and enhance the Rule of Law during times of terror and conflict.

2007 Lisbon, Portugal

Climate Change and the International Legal Community’s Response.
The second in a series of conference on the environment and demands upon the legal profession to craft a response to the increasing threats to sustainable development

2007 Los Angeles, California

Worldwide Immigration and the Rule of Law.
The first WJA Conference held in the United States, outside of Washington, DC continued the dialogue begun in Warsaw and in Stuttgart on migration and its impact on the legal systems.

2006 Edinburgh, Scotland

Terrorism and the Rule of Law.
The second in a series of discussions on terrorism, the Rule of Law and world peace.

2004 Kiev, Ukraine

Economic Development, Alternative Dispute Resolution, and Democracy Building

2004 Rome, Italy

Privatization, Banking, and Cross-Border Insolvency

2002 Stuttgart, Germany

Constitutions and Mobility vs. the Environment.
The WJA began a series of conferences to examine the changes in modern society and its impact on the environment.

2002 Madrid, Spain

The International Threat of Terrorism
The WJA began a series of discussions on terrorism and the legal community’s response to the growing crisis.

2001 Warsaw, Poland

Immigration and the Environment
The WJA and the Independent College of Business and Administration successfully sponsored a seminar in Warsaw, Poland from June 17-21, 2001. The major focus of the Conference was on the twin topics of “Global Problems of Immigration” and “Threats to the Natural Environment.”

2000 Havana, Cuba

International Trade and Investment in a Global Economy
The WJA and its local counterpart, Union Nacional de Juristas de Cuba, held a successful seminar on “The Law of International Trade and Investment in a Global Economy.”

1999 Sofia

In cooperation with the Association of Young Lawyers of Bulgaria, the WJA hosted a seminar entitled “Legal Instruments for Enhancing Transparency, Openness and Accountability of the Governments in the New Democracies.”

1999 New Delhi, India

The Judiciary in Asia
Part II of the Judiciary Seminar series was held in New Delhi, India where the WJA focused on “Judiciary in Asia.”

1998 Kiev, Ukraine

In cooperation with the Union of Lawyers of Ukraine and the High Council of Justice of Ukraine, the WJA hosted a seminar entitled “Working Toward Functional Democracies: Local Governments, Privatization, and Securities Law.”

1998 Buenos Aires, Argentina & Caracas, Venezuela

Investment Opportunities in Energy Resources “Sovereignty and Energy” was the subject in this second South American seminar held in cooperation with Escuela de Defensa Nacional and Centro de Egresados de la Escuela de Defensa Nacional.

1997 Washington, DC, USA

The Celebration of 50 Years of the International Court of Justice: The Role of Law and Justice.
The WJA, in conjunction with the International Legal Studies Program at the University of Denver College of Law, the American Society of International Law and the 30th Annual Regional Conference presented “The Celebration of 50 Years of the International Court of Justice: The Role of Law and Justice.” The Keynote address was delivered by ICJ Judge C.G. Weermantry.

1997 Cape Town, South Africa

The Role of the Judiciary in a Changing Africa.
The WJA began a series of seminars which focus on the Judiciary and its role in Law and Policy-making. The first seminar was held in Cape Town, South Africa where the theme was “The Role of the Judiciary in a Changing Africa.”

1996 Potsdam, Germany

Legal and Economic Conditions and Investment Opportunities in the New Länder.
Seminar held in Potsdam, Germany, to discuss “Legal and Economic Conditions and Investment Opportunities in the New Lander.”

1994 Philippines

The World Association of Law Professors, an active part of the WJA hosted two seminars in the later part of 1994 and early 1995. These highly rated seminars, held in the Philippines were part of the WJA’s continued effort to further legal education.

1994 Rome, Italy

The Family on the Eve of the Year 2000: Legal Problems.
Symposium entitled “The Family on the Eve of the Year 2000: Legal Problems.” This symposium was held in conjunction with the “International Year of the Family” proclaimed by the United Nations. The topics discussed included: The definition of the family in international public law, The comparative aspects of adoptive filiation, The denuclearization of the American family, and its effect on children, and Legal considerations and the new techniques of procreation.

1994 Washington, DC, USA

Seminar on the implementation of the NAFTA and GATT treaties. Participants from Italy, the Philippines, the Virgin Islands, Israel, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Venezuela, Mexico, Canada, and the US attended this comprehensive overview and in-depth analysis on these important trade agreements.

1993 Cairo, Egypt

Economic and Environmental Challenges Confronting the Mediterranean Region Seminar addressing the theme “Economic and Environmental Challenges Confronting the Mediterranean Region.” Here the keynote address was delivered by Mr. Kamal El Magd, former Egyptian Minister of Information and Vice President of the Administrative Tribunal of the World Bank.

1992 Jerusalem, Israel

International Agreements and the Middle East Peace Process Seminar that focused on International Agreements and the Middle East Peace Process. The delegates were addressed by Former Israeli Prime Minister, Yitzhak Rabin and Foreign Minister Shimon Peres.

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