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Peace Through Law

The World Law Congress is a global legal event, is an open forum in which heads of State, judges, academics, lawyers, activist, students and professional linked to the legal world and the Rule of Law converge.

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Our Mission

“A world ruled by law, not force”

This has been the World Jurist Association’s mission since its founding in 1963. The WJA was formed in response to an international outcry for a free and open forum where judges, lawyers, law professors and other professionals from around the world could work cooperatively to strengthen and expand the Rule of Law and its institutions throughout the world.

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“A world ruled by law, not force” has been the mission of the WJA since its founding.


WJA Awards

Since 1965, Charles Rhine, the founding president of the Centre for World Peace through Law, today known as the World Jurist Association, established the policies of our association to recognise prominent individuals on a global level, of judicial ambition and for their defense of human rights.
  • World Peace & Liberty Awards
  • WJA Ruth Bader Ginsburg medals of Honor
  • WJA Medals of Honor
  • WJA Freedom of Speech Medals of Honor
  • WJA SDGs pioneers Medals of Honor

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