World Jurist Awards

Since 1965, Charles Rhine, founding president of the World Peace Through Law Center, today known as the World Jurist Association, establishead as our association’s policy, to recognize outstanding worldwide personalities, of the legal and human rights-defense field.

Prime Ministers, Presidents, Ministers, Magistrates, Prosecutors, Judges, Academics, Lawyers, Directors of international organizations and outstanding WJA Members who have widely contributed to the achievement of the organization’s goals have been awarded by the nowadays World Jurist Association.

Brief history of our awards

Among others, the following notables have received the prestigious WJA Awards:

March 2024 | Madrid

Anthony M. Kennedy. WJA Medal of Honor

Tribute to his commitment to the Rule of Law, as well as his distinguished career on the US Supreme Court and his staunch defense of one of the principles that defines the WJA: law must prevail over any political preference.

July 2023 | Nueva York

European Comission. World Peace & Liberty Award

Ursula Von der Leyen received the award on behalf of the institution, being recognized as an example for humanity for her performance in the establishment of laws and for the way the Rule of Law is applied.

May 2023 | Madrid

Andrew Young. World Peace & Liberty Awards

It is a recognition that, as explained by the association, seeks to highlight Young's international work in favor of "social, political and economic progress of the oppressed around the world".

April 2023 | New York

Medal of Honor WJA

Stephen Breyer, Kerry Kennedy, Ignacio Sánchez Galán, Richard Wagner, Luis Almagro, Luc Lavrysen, Brian Preston.

July 2021 | Madrid

WJA Ruth Bader Ginsburg Medal of Honor

Christine Lagarde, Gillian Triggs, Luz del Carmen Ibáñez, Maite Oronoz, Navi Pillay, Young Hye Kim, Sujata Manohar, Rosario Silva Lapuerta.

July 2021 | Colombia

Sociedad Colombiana. World Peace & Liberty Awards

Sociedad colombiana por ser la democracia más longeva de la región, y lo cual repercute en el fortalecimiento y promoción de la libertad y el Estado de Derecho por encima de las vicisitudes.

February 2020 | Washington

Ruth Bader Ginsburg. World Peace & Liberty Award

The World Peace & Liberty Award is a recognition granted since 1965 by the World Jurist Association, recognizing outstanding world personalities for their role in the defense of the Rule of Law in opposition to the use of force.

July 2019 | Madrid

King Felipe VI. World Peace & Liberty Award

In 2019, the prize was awarded to King Felipe VI of Spain for his role in defending the Rule of Law. His role as a leader in the defense of Democracy and Liberty at the international level and his contributions to the strengthening of the constitutional model in Spain.

July 2017 | Oranjestad

Dr. Luis Almagro Lemes. World Peace & Liberty Awards.

World Peace Award: Dr. Luis Almagro Lemes, Secretary General of the OAS – Uruguay

1997 | Ciudad del Cabo

Nelson Mandela. World Peace & Liberty Awards

World Peace Award: Nelson Mandela.

1967 | Geneva

René Cassin. Outstanding Jurist of the World Award.

France. Further in 1968, he was awarded with the Nobel Peace Prize for his human rights work

1965 | Washington

Winston Churchill. World Peace & Liberty Award.

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