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Our Mission

” A World Ruled by Law, Not Force”

The WJA was formed in 1963 in response to an international outcry for a free and open forum. This forum allows for judges, lawyers, law professors and other professionals from around the world to work cooperatively to raise public support for the institutions that govern and enforce the administration of international law.

As a non-governmental organization with special consultative status at the UN Economic and Social Council, the WJA finds an alternative method to reach the international community. We have worked closely with governments, non-governmental organizations and international associations to show how nations can constructively use, not forgo, their sovereignty through international law. With our support, legal decision-makers from around the world work together as individuals, rather than representatives of a particular country, class or ideology.

With nearly 50 years of accomplishments, the WJA is one of the few organizations working with such a broad range of stakeholders to promote the Rule of Law as the path towards world peace. Our members include sitting and retired Chief Justices, judges, government officials, law professors, lawyers and students from over 140 different countries. We have National Presidents in 85 countries and our Board of Governors represents every continent and aspect of the legal profession. read more >>

Board of Directors

WJA Charter and ByLaws

The Board of Directors is the governing body of the WJA. It is composed by a Worldwide President; Executive Vice President; a General Counsel, the Regional Presidents -one per Continent- and the Past President. Other Officers include Regional Vice-Presidents, Presidents of the Professional Organizations -World Association of Lawyers, World Association of Judges, World Association of Law Professors, World Business Associates and the Human Rights Institute for Peace & Freedom-, the Executive Director, and the Representatives before the United Nations, the International Criminal Court and other international agencies.


Board of Directors 2019 – 2021

FOUNDER AND PAST PRESIDENT: Charles S. Rhyne (1963-1991)*

FOUNDER & PAST EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT: Margaret M. Henneberry (1967-2010)*

WORLDWIDE PRESIDENT: Javier Cremades-García (Spain)


Executive Vice President & General Counsel Garry E. Hunter
President for Africa Peter N.C. Umeadi
President for Asia, Australia & the Pacific Tao Kaiyuan
President for Europe Alexander Löw
President for Latin America and the Caribbean Mónica Grill
President for North America Iris Jones
Past President Franklin Hoet Linares

Other WJA Officers

President of the World Association of Judges Peter N.C. Umeadi
President of the World Association of Lawyers Francisco Javier Lara
President of the World Association of Law Professors Jesús Becerra
President of the World Association of Business Associates Sven Kohlmeier
Vice President for Asia, Australia & the Pacific Zayed Al-Shamsi
Vice President for Europe To be elected
Vice President for Latin America and the Caribbean Orlando Viera-Blanco
Executive Director Yachenka Rodríguez V.
Representatives before the UN New York Franklin Hoet-Linares

Kim Quarles

Representative before UN Geneva Peter N.C. Umeadi
Representative before UN Vienna Alexander Löw
Representative before UNICEF Gabi J. García-García
Representative before CPI Tamara Suju Roa