World Peace & Liberty Awards

Since 1965, Charles Rhine, the founding president of the Centre for World Peace through Law, today known as the World Jurist Association, established the policies of our association to recognise prominent individuals on a global level, of judicial ambition and for their defense of human rights.

Prime ministers, presidents, ministers, magistrates, attorneys, judges, academics, lawyers, heads of international organisations and notable members of the World Jurist Association that have greatly contributed to the achievements of the objectives of the organisation, have been honoured by what is now the World Jurist Association.

1964 | Washington

Winston Churchill. Outstanding Jurist of the World.

For defending democracy against his toughest enemies

1967 | Geneva

René Cassin. Outstanding Jurist of the World.

For his work in the writing of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

1997 | Ciudad del Cabo

Nelson Mandela. Outstanding Jurist of the World.

For his tireless fight for Human Rights in South Africa.

July 2017 | Oranjestad

Dr. Luis Almagro Lemes. Outstanding Jurist of the World.

Dr. Luis Almagro Lemes, Secretary General of the OAS – Uruguay

July 2019 | Madrid

King Felipe VI. World Peace & Liberty Award

In recognition of his fundamental role for the Spanish Parliamentary Monarchy and its unwavering commitment to the Rule of Law.

February 2020 | Washington

Ruth Bader Ginsburg. World Peace & Liberty Award

For her admiral defense for gender equality and civil rights throughout her professional life.

July 2021 | Colombia

Sociedad Colombiana. World Peace & Liberty Awards

For being the longest-living democracy in the region, which has had an impact on strengthening and promoting freedom and the Rule of Law, despite its challenges.

May 2023 | Madrid

Andrew Young. World Peace & Liberty Awards

For being a leader in the fight for civil rights and part of modern history for the United States and the world in the fight for human rights.

Jul 2023 | New York

Ursula von der Leyen recibe el World Peace & Liberty Award concedido a la Comisión Europea

La World Jurist Association ha reconocido en la Comisión Europea ser un ejemplo para la humanidad por su actuación en el establecimiento de las leyes y por la forma en que se aplica el Estado de Derecho

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