Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the governing body of the WJA. It is composed by a Worldwide President; the Executive Vice President; the General Counsel, the Regional Presidents -one per Continent- and the Past President. Other Officers include Regional Vice-Presidents, Presidents of the Professional Organizations -World Association of Lawyers, World Association of Judges, World Association of Law Professors, World Business Associates and the Human Rights Institute for Peace & Freedom-, the Executive Director, and the Representatives before the United Nations, the International Criminal Court and other international agencies.


Board of Directors 2019 – 2021

FOUNDER AND PAST PRESIDENT: Charles S. Rhyne (1963-1991)*

FOUNDER & PAST EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT: Margaret M. Henneberry (1967-2010)*



Javier Cremades-García (Spain)

WJA Board Officers

Executive Vice President Kim Quarles
President for Africa Kelly Mogbio
President for Asia, Australia & the Pacific To be elected
President for Europe Baltasar Garzón
President for Latin America and the Caribbean To be elected
President for North America James Black II
General Counsel William Eshelman

Other WJA Officers

President of the World Assn’ of Judges Peter N.C. Umeadi
President of the World Assn’ of Lawyers Francisco Javier Lara
President of the World Assn’ of Law Professors Jesús Becerra
President of the World Assn’ of Business Associates Sven Kohlmeier
Executive Director Teodora Toma
Representatives before the UN New York Kim Quarles & James Black II
Representative before UN Geneva Juan Carlos Gutiérrez
Representative before UN Vienna Gabriel Fernández R.