2016-2017 Board of Governors

The Board of Governors comprises of Voting Members and Non-Voting Members as below:

i) Voting Members:

President; First, Second, and Third Vice Presidents; Executive Vice President; Presidents of the Affiliated Organizations (World Association of Lawyers, World Association of Judges, World Association of Law Professors, and the World Association of Business Associates); General Counsel; and Immediate Past President.

ii) Non-Voting Members:

Past Presidents who declare affirmatively during the “election period” in writing that they wish to serve on the incoming term. Nonvoting members must be members in good standing throughout their term.

The Members of the Board of Governors, with the exceptions of the Executive Vice President, General Counsel, Immediate Past President and Past Presidents, shall be elected according to the By-Laws of the WJA. All Board members and Past Presidents who choose to serve as provided in Section 1(b)(ii) shall serve for 2 years.

2016-2017 Board Members

Board Members’ Bios


President: Dr. Franklin Hoet-Linares (Venezuela), Senior Partner at Hoet, Pelaez, Castillo & Duque.

First Vice President: Ms. Kim Quarles (USA), Senior Vice President, Executive Risks at Willis of New York.

Second Vice President: Hon. Professor TAO Kaiyuan (P. R. of China), Justice and Vice President, Supreme Peoples’ Court of China.

Third Vice President: Arístides Fernández Zucco (Dominican Republic), Ex-President of the National Energy Commission of the Dominican Republic.

Executive Vice President: Ramon Soler-Padró Canela (Spain)

President of the World Association of Law Professors (WALP): Prof. Ved. P. Nanda (USA), Director, International Legal Studies Program, University of Denver Sturm College of Law.

President of the World Association of Judges (WAJ): Hon. Justice Bola Ajibola (Nigeria), President/Founder of Crescent University.

President of the World Association of Lawyers (WAL): Ms. Ethia Simha (Israel), Attorney-at-Law & Notary Public, Ethia Simha Law Office.

President of the World Association of Business Associates (WBA): Gledenline Chroes (Aruba), Associate Director at Hoet, Pelaez, Castillo & Duque.

General Counsel:  Ben Griffith (USA), Principal at Griffith Law Firm.

Immediate Past President:  Prof. Dr. Alexander J. Bělohlávek (Czech Republic), Senior Partner at Law Offices of Bělohlávek, and WJA Past President from 2011-2015.