Board of Governors

WJA Charter and ByLaws

The Board of Governors is the governing body of the WJA. It is composed by a President; First, Second, and Third Vice Presidents; a Executive Vice President; a General Counsel and the Presidents of the Affiliated Organizations – World Association of Lawyers, World Association of Judges, World Association of Law Professors, and the World Business Associates -, and the Inmediate Past President


Board of Governors 2017 – 2019

FOUNDER AND PAST PRESIDENT: Charles S. Rhyne (1963-1991)*

FOUNDER & PAST EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT: Margaret M. Henneberry (1967-2010)*

PRESIDENT & IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT – Franklin Hoet Linares (Venezuela)


1st Vice President – Tao Kaiyuan (People’s Republic of China)

2nd Vice President – Zayed Alshamsi (United Arab Emirates)

3rd Vice President – Glendeline Croes (Aruba)

World Association of Judges – Peter N.C. Umeadi (Nigeria)

World Association of Lawyers – Jacinto Soler Padró (Spain)

World Association of Law Professors – Alberto Jurado Salazar (Venezuela)

Association of Business Associates – Alexander Löw (Germany)

Executive Vice President & General Counsel – Garry E. Hunter (USA)